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Rent a Tent offers a wide variety of event rental services to take the burden of your next wedding, grad party, or other event off your shoulders. Not only do we do tent rentals (as our name suggests), we can also ensure you’re well stocked with the tables and chairs you need to make your event a rousing success.

Our staff has years of experience in event planning, and we bring that expertise to the table in everything we do. We’re fully-equipped to help setup and breakdown your event, as well as work in a variety of unique situations. When you’re ready to get set up with South Jersey’s top tent rental company, simply give us a call for a free quote and to learn about our first-time customer specials. At Rent a Tent, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

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WHY IS RENT A TENT Your Party Rental Service Company Leader?


Wide selection of styles of tables and chairs for you to choose from


Top Rated Local® tent rental service company


Excellent customer service from quote to final breakdown and clean up


Discounts for veterans and active service members


Fully licensed and insured


Better Business Bureau accredited business


And more!

All rentals are made on the following conditions, to which the customer agrees and accepts:

  1. All rentals payable in full upon delivery.
  2. You agree to inspect all goods upon taking possession and unless otherwise noted goods on this rental are accepted as being in first class condition.
  3. Other then unforeseen acts of God, You are responsible for loss or damage to rental goods regardless of cause or fault from the point in time from which you take physical possession of the rental goods from Rent-A-Tent to the point in time which Rent-A-Tent takes possession back of the goods.
  4. Your liability does not cease until all merchandise is returned to us.
  5. You are responsible for obtaining, if applicable, any permits required under local ordinance for location where tent is to be erected.
  6. Purchase or loss prices shall be based on the replacement value of the merchandise
  7. Rent-A-Tent, LLC is not liable for injuries or damage to persons or property caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, rain, cyclone, tornado, hail, explosion or any other acts of God.
  8. Rent-A-Tent, LLC is not responsible for underground utilities when installing tents. Customer agrees to identify location of all underground utilities.
  9. Customer agrees to pay Rent-A-Tent LLC, all costs and expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees in any action brought to recover the leased merchandise, collect rentals or damages, or in which Rent-A-Tent, LLC may become a party by reason of this lease.
  10. The merchandise to be rented by Rent-A-Tent, LLC to you shall be delivered to the address listed on the customer order form and maintained by you at all times at said location. At no time may the merchandise be moved from said location without the express prior written consent of Rent-A-Tent, LLC.
  11. You will not cook, place patio heaters or use any other flammable devices under tents.
  12. All tables must be covered. You are responsible for covering all tables with paper cloths or linens. No staples or tacks will be used to fasten the table covers to the surface of the tables.
  13. You agree to store all tables and chairs in a dry and secure place and to clean all table and chair surfaces until returned to Rent-A-Tent, LLC.
  14. You agree that the items will be used only for the purpose for which the items were manufactured and intended.
  15. Rent-A-Tent, LLC has the right to refuse to erect any tent due to the existence of unsafe conditions which shall be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of Rent-A-Tent, LLC. In the event Rent-A-Tent, LLC determines it cannot erect a tent due to unsafe conditions, you shall be entitled to be refunded for the portion of any rental that cannot be fulfilled.
  16. All payments are non-refundable. If your event is cancelled with at least two weeks notice, Rent-A-Tent will work with you in good faith to apply any credit towards a future event subject to availability.